•  FTO - Breath B-Clean Canine Breath Foam [QTY: 2]

Knocks out bad breath fast! Simply squirt the minty breath foam onto your dogs teeth and gums to control bad breath. 8 oz Limited time: Get one, give one free!

For a limited time, when you get one bottle, you’ll get another bottle for free you can give away! Finally a canine breath product that REALLY works! If you're tired of chasing your dog around the house with a toothbrush only to get bit or wasting money on unchewed Greenies, then Sta-Sound Breath-B-Clean is the answer!All it takes is a little squirt into the corner of your dog's mouth, and you'll both be loving his minty, clean breath in no time. Because Breath-B-Clean only uses top-quality ingredients, if you forget your own toothbrush, you can give yourself a pump for a quick freshener! Ingredients: Water, Preservatives, Stevia, Aloe Vera Juice, Flavors - Peppermint and Spearmint, Glycerin Veterinarian Approved Waterless Smells Great Botanical Product Great for the Dog Owner On the Go

FTO - Breath B-Clean Canine Breath Foam [QTY: 2]

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